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Ransbysätern STF

EU.jpg Ransbysätern have had an own webpage But it is not available at this time!

flicka.jpg Ransbysätern has been used for over thousand years as a "shieling" a summer pasture in the forest for the local farm animals. Cows, goats and horses graze here.

Opening hours June 26 - August 22, daily 11 am - 5 pm.
Entré 70kr, inkluding coffe/the/lemonade and make. Children under 15 free.

Here you can fry your own ” kolbulle”.

We use to have a small music-festival in july 24, and we plan for it.

The shieling is situated 7 kilometers from road 62, south of Sysslebäck in nothern Värmland.

Utmarksmusic is a music-festival 24 July 2021.

Every thirsdag in July you can be served ”kolbulle” at night 6 am - 8 am.

bröllop 1.jpg Pollen analysis have shown that the shieling was in use already in the Viking Age. Archaeologists have found over fifty old house foundations.

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