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Ransbysätern STF

EU.jpg Work is ongoing to recreate the fences around the cabins. It will be around 200 meter long with the gates. The material have been recycled from torn down fences. The project is financed wiht project support from Jordbruksverket and Fonderade Bygdemedel Klarälven as well as Fryksdalens Sparbank

Ransbysätern have had an own webpage But it is not available at this time!

flicka.jpg Ransbysätern has been used for over thousand years according to pollen analyses. Archaeologists have found over 50 old house foundations and a bunch of cultivation cairns.

bröllop 1.jpg To and from Ransbysätern there are walking trails to Långberget, Ransby/Branäs and Sysslebäck camping. To get there by car, follow road 62, between Ransby and Sysslebäck there is a 7 km sign, a beautiful gravel road up into the mountain. From the parking it is about 200 meter walking. If you are disabled you can drive all the way there. The area is rich in trapping pits and iron extraction spots

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