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The Pilgrim´s road

Pilgrimsleden Tecknad karta.jpg Along then Klarälvsdalen there is a middle-aged Pilgrim´s road to Saint Olavs grave in Trondheim

The Pilgrim´s road
To make pilgrimages is almost a universal phenomenon, something that is done it a little different ways in many different religions

There was like a mixed band of companions in a pilgrimage wandering, some did it for a religions need, others to keep a promise or for absolution, but many where convicted by the church to complete the pilgrimage to penance for their sins or crimes.
To be on a pilgrimage was also a sort of vacation and a way to adventure for the middle-age man. Enjoyment, relaxation, faith, desire for adventure and a wish to see unknown places and meet new people was an important part in a pilgrimage .
That it was fun and exciting did not make the activity less religiously valuable.

Today's travelers would rather call themselves tourist then a pilgrim. The reason for the pilgrimage can be exercise, desire for adventure or a need for peace and quite, to be alone for a while. Today we have more ways to travel then we had in the past and pilgrims can outside of wandering or horseback riding, ride a bike, inline skating or ride a car. A pilgrimage is an opportunity to take break from the stressful day to day life.

Saint Olav
Olav Haraldsson was born around 995 and baptized in Rouen. 1016 he was crowned as the king of Norway but lost his power in 1028 to Knut the great of Denmark. During his rule he became the founder for the Norwegian church and the one to unite the kingdom. After his death in Stiklestad 1030 he was soon declared a saint after several miracles are claimed to have happened at his grave. In the sand on his place of death there appeared a clear spring from which the water was used to treat the cramps of sick people.
In Trondheim the first stored his ash in a decorated coffer on the high altar in the old kristkirken. Soon the making of a new and bigger sanctuary started and it was finished around 1300.
Said Olav became one of Norway's most beloved said and pigrims wandered to his grave in Nidators/Trondheim during the whole middle-age until the Reformation in the middle of the 16th century

Pilgrim EU flagga text under kopiera.jpg Project: The Pilgrim´s road
The Pilgrim´s road revitalised in a Swedish-Norwegian cooperation.

The project was done during 2006-2007 and was a cooperation between Torsby municipality and Museumssenteret in Trysil/Engerdal . The goal was to develop the Pilgrim's Road to a tourist atraction with kultural events and memorials as a base.

The project resulted among other things in a guidebook with a map that presents the Pilgrim's Road in Torsby and Trysil municipality. The project also helped finance the book "PILGRIM 1498", a differant guide to the Pilgrim's road that tells about the pilgrimage toNidaros during the middle ages, written by Gunnar Svensson.
Summer activities around said Olav and the Pilgrim's road where held by different organizers and associations in both Norway and Sweden

The Norwegian project leader was Magne Thorleifsen at Museumssenteret in Trysil/Engerdal and the Swedish project leader was Anita Gustafsson, at Utmarksmuseet in Ransby.
For more info feel free to contact:
Magne Thorleifsen, tel +47 62451300, e-mail:
Utmarksmuseet, tel +46 564 431 05, e-mail:
Project: The Pilgrim's road was a Interreg IIIA Sweden – Norway projekct between Torsby municipality & Museumssenteret in Trysil/Engerdal 2006-07. The project was partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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Vandring Foto Anders Berg.jpg A pilgrimage through Klarälvdalen.
Foto by Åke Karlsson Sebra Film

Guidebok Pilgrimsleden.jpg A guidebook to the Pilgrim´s trail in the Klarälven valley and Trysil has been made in the Pilgrim project, in cooperation between Torsby kommun, Museumssenteret i Trysil/Engerdal and Utmarksmuseet.

PILGRIM 1498 mini jpeg.jpg PILGRIM 1498
New book written by Gunnar Svensson, about the pilgrim route, from Hammarö to Nidaros.

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